Seeking well-being everyday
makes a big difference in
how we feel, think and perform
in life and in business.
Too often, though,
we think well-being ends with
the food we eat or the exercise we do.
It is this and it is so much more.
I believe that we have 
plenty of resources within us to tap into
to help us feel well, vibrant, strong, healthy and alive.
And it's a matter of exploration, choice,
trust and personal responsibility
to use these resources for your own good.
This is my personal invitation to you
to explore the depths of your well-being. 

do you and colleagues at work feel stressed, lack productivity and focus?

have you forgotten what being sensual, poised, confident and feminine feels like? do you sometimes doubt to even have it in you?

This is rather personal, but I've also been there and just like you I experience that sometimes. It's all about having the tools to help address those feelings. Apart from nature and meditation, Kundalini Yoga and dancing are my most reliant wellbeing tools. Kundalini Yoga helps to experience more relaxation, release stress, improve productivity and focus. Practice brings clearer thinking and increased awareness. And dancing....dancing for life is something I swear by as I've experienced myself and seen many others being able to grow confidence, awaken and nurture the sensual woman within, overcome depression, deal with many illnesses easier and even heal. Lets chat and see how I can help you live a healthier life. 
Email hello@sandradonskyte.com to see how I can help you or your organisation, or if I can add value to your event by speaking about dancing wellbeing.