Consulting can be useful only
when you are in a frame of mind
to explore suggestions and opinions,
that compliment or challenge yours,
from someone who has experience and credibility
in the area you need help,
in order to grow or sustain your business - and you.


are you frustrated you're not making enough sales and potential clients don't know about your product?

Feeling the pressures of senior management at work or an inability to live up to your own expectations can be stressful. I get that. An external perspective is so often useful, and I am offering you mine. I can be your team member / advisor to bring you clarity to your business challenges and enable you to reach your goals. You can count on my knowledge, experience (see below), caring attitude, enthusiasm and straight-forward approach. Depending on the specific challenge, I will engage with you or refer you to a trusted colleague if their experience is more relevant. Either way we can join forces and make things happen.

My creative thinking and work/business/entrepreneurial experiences have the most direct value for you if you’re looking to:


Would you like to chat about if I could help you? Send me an email to or drop me a message via LinkedIn.

Have a peak at some of my consulting and entrepreneurial experiences:

thoughtbot London: market positioning, team sales coaching, series of branding events to build brand recognition and awareness in a new market and stimulate sales (from ideas to execution)

Hullygood: from business idea to its launch, business development & strategy, market positioning, marketing & promotion, copy writing, creative direction

Knowledge View: business development & strategy 






Rewardisement: business development & strategy, new market   positioning, marketing and promotion

Flying Aces: sponsorship sales for Air Racing event in Abu Dhabi

News Social: app launch event (from idea to execution)

Helen Astrid Singing Academy: business audit, business development & market positioning.

Swiss Post Solutions: business development

Bitch Online Magazine: From idea to launch, creative editorial direction, business development, market positioning, promotion, events, media spokesperson.


IQPC: sponsorship Sales


World Strongest Man Franchise, UK: from idea to becoming franchise licence holder, fund raiser, new market positioning, sponsorship sales, marketing, operations, promotion, media management




Would you like to chat about if I could help you? Send me an email to or drop me a message via LinkedIn.