5: The Gift of Illness in Changing a Mindset to Life

Statistics say that one in two people are likely to be diagnosed with cancer during their life. Apparently one in eight women in the UK will develop breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. And the numbers don’t stop there, as this equates to over 55,000 women that are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the UK. Each of those women experiences the shock and stress of a diagnosis. But that isn’t the full story, for around each woman are family and friends that are also affected. And each woman needs to decide how to approach their illness, which of the many potential routes to healing and recovery will they choose beyond the treatments and medications.

On The Eagle podcast I am looking through the statistics, media headlines and Instagram grid stories to the healing journeys of individuals. I want to understand the why, the what, the how. What can we learn that informs our own choices, our options and our beliefs. This isn’t necessarily about preventing reoccurrence or healing our emotional wounds but how we come to acceptance and how we move forward to live life healthily and with joy. Where do we begin?

When thinking which Eagle I have met in my life who could have a logical, realistic yet inspiring conversation about their breast cancer healing journey, I didn’t need to look far. I am very lucky to know Victoria Fuller who I met two years ago. An established PR business owner, a poised, articulate, purpose driven woman who not only has a great story of recovering from breast cancer, but also has a vision on how this country needs to tackle this terrible issue.

In this episode of The Eagle Podcast we discuss:

  • How the 50th birthday gift from NHS brought the news of breast cancer
  • Clarity on the reasons for cancer and why the news of cancer was exactly what Victoria expected
  • The impact of stress on the diagnosis of cancer
  • The scariest part of the diagnosis and how to navigate it
  • Decisions made on different treatments
  • Comparing cancer and treatments with the business stresses
  • What life stagnation and resistance to change means to health
  • Why Victoria knows the cancer won’t come back
  • Why meditators still get cancer or any other illness
  • Victoria’s top tip for staying healthy and illness-free
  • Why feeling a victim of illness is not helpful for your recovery and how to turn that around
  • Purpose through cancer
  • How to shift the mindset and see a change in your healing process
  • Why health education needs to be in schools
  • How Chinese medicine plays a big role in Victoria’s good health and prevention of illness


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Katie Brindle Yang Sheng Book - The Art of Chinese Self Healing

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