2: Optimise your diet, tune your health


Food and diet is not just a popular or fun thing to talk about. It's also something Toral Shah embraces as a vehicle for health, illness prevention, recovery and reduction of illness recurrence.

Toral not only knows the human side of illness (breast cancer), but also is a nutritional scientist and food consultant, focusing on the role of diet and nutrition in the prevention of disease, such as cancer, diabetes and others.

She saw her mum and a number of other family women survive breast cancer, she’s a breast cancer survival herself. Toral has been on both sides: the witness, the observer, the supporter to others facing the diagnosis and being on the healing journey, and also being the one on the receiving end, with all the roles reversed.

In this episode of The Eagle Podcast we discuss:

  • What led Toral to studying cancer and nutrition for cancer patients
  • What it is like to work with cancer patents
  • What it was like to share breast cancer experience with her mum
  • Emotions people have when they see Toral for the first time
  • Usual food patterns seen in cancer patients
  • Resistance and importance for taking responsibility for your own health
  • Food and cancer prevention
  • Alcohol and cancer
  • Stress and cancer
  • Importance of community when you are ill
  • The link of gut and inflammation to cancer and what you can do to avoid having inflammation

British Society of Lifestyle Medicine 


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Dirty Dozen Vegetables and Fruits 

Rainbow Slaw recipe on Royal Marsden 

The book “The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer: How to Feel Empowered and Take Control” by Professor Trisha Greenhalgh, an academic GP, and Dr Liz O’Riordan, a Consultant Breast Cancer Surgeon 

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