4: Music & Mastectomy: Making a Stand at The Grammy's

Breast cancer often leads to mastectomies, and the scars that surgery leaves can result in women feeling they have lost a core part of their femininity.

Some cover scars with tattoos, others go the breast implant route, and there are those who leave things as they are. That’s Jen Rose from South Florida, US. Jen is a mother to two children, a wife to a man who fell in love with her and her scars, a musician, who composes incredibly high vibrational soulful music that creates a healing environment.

Living a life with one breast in her early 30s was a decision Jen made consciously, despite being a single parent, fresh after a messy divorce. A few years down the road Jen is not only happily married again, breastfed her second baby with one breast, but also embraces her exposed half-full chest by making a stand at the Grammy’s earlier this year.

This episode explores two of my great loves, health and its links to music. Jen’s story will touch even the biggest sceptic’s heart.

In this episode of The Eagle Podcast we discuss:

  • Fixed belief system as a catalyst to Jen’s to cancer diagnosis and cancer reoccurrence
  • Inner vs Outer environment and its influence on our health
  • Healing modalities Jen used to help the body heal
  • What happened when the naturopath couldn’t help Jen to heal anymore
  • Reflections on decisions and choices made along the way of cancer and surgery
  • The importance of listening to spirit/gut feeling when making critical health decisions
  • Breastfeeding after mastectomy
  • How cancer changed her relationship with herself and others
  • Mastectomy and changing perceptions of beauty
  • Dating, new relationship  and sex after cancer
  • Creating vs consuming: are you consuming other people’s beliefs, ideas, articles or choosing silence and meditation as a tool helping you to choose healing paths, the next steps and make decisions that suit you
  • Taking a stand at the 2019 Grammys, why Jen chose this even to make a stand and the comments from people that followed
  • The link between music and health


Bruce Lipton “The biology of belief” 

Jen’s Instagram 

Jen’s Facebook 

Jen Rose Website 

Jen making a stand at the Grammy’s 


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