3: In Health and In Sickness: Corina & Harrison


Relationships and marriages in one form or another have a spoken or unspoken vow lovers give to each other: "I am with you in health and in sickness". And it’s all good and fun when we are healthy, but what really happens when sickness takes over one and the other becomes a carer?

Corina, 25, and Harrison, 32, are a living example - a couple next door to any of us - of how illness that one suffers from challenges the entire relationship, their values, beliefs and communication habits. This young couple enjoyed their relationship for more than a year when Corina found herself enduring enormous pain and unable to walk properly. With the diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis came the change of the relationship dynamics. 


"I feel like arthritis put my life on hold. And its only now that I am accepting my arthritis more, and I am in more control of it. I have a plan and see a future."


In this episode of The Eagle Podcast we discuss:

Show notes:

  • How invisible illness takes away liberties and freedoms
  • Searching for the root of illness
  • Critical point in illness that helped Corina to start taking control of her health
  • Decisions and experimentations with healing and trying to feel better
  • How Corina chose a more sustainable way of living
  • How exercise effects arthritis and pain management
  • Emotions when suffering with arthritis
  • Harrison’s and Corina's refections on her illness and how it affected their relationship
  • The risk Harrison took in influencing Corina’s health crisis
  • How we ourselves can be the villains in our lives
  • Biggest lessons for both Corina and Harrison in the healing journey

Harrison discovered 4 levels of his anger he felt during Corina’s health crisis. It was triggered by lack of her interest in finding ways to improve her health:

  1. Arthritis sucks - why this is happening to you? Why this and why now?
  2. By extension, this is happening to me and I am now thrust into this position of carer.
  3. Anger at myself for being angry about it happening to us.
  4. Rebelliousness agains that anger: I have right to be angry, its hard!


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Harrison's email harrison.moore@network.rca.ac.uk


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