1: Finding your joy, why cancer is not a fight

An idyllic white sands holiday in Thailand in 2015 turned rapidly into life saving surgery for 32 years old British entrepreneur Jem Ayres. She was diagnosed with a tumour in her brain and had immediate brain surgery.

Several weeks after the trauma of her surgery and back home in the UK, Jem had the added shock of a diagnosis of an advanced melanoma. What followed was a very personal emotional journey and a number of difficult decisions.

For this special episode of The Eagle Podcast I'm in a bold, open and honest conversation with my first Eagle, Jem.



Things we talk about in this episode:

    • The events that led to Jem's diagnosis and everything that followed
    • The road to full recovery from stage 4 skin cancer
    • How Jem continues to remain healthy by decisions and actions she continues to take to affect her healing in a positive way (there are many gems there, and some of them will put a smile on your face!)
    • The words she chooses to describe herself that empower her on this journey - and aren’t the fighting words that people usually use towards cancer
    • How cancer affected Jem's relationships with her business, as well as family and friends
    • How her life pivoted from one business to another and how she treats her work now.
    • Controversy of being your own cancer healer. Jem unpacks the bold statement on her website for us ‘Through choice, self-love and power of belief one can heal cancer’. Be assured, this doesn't go unnoticed by people and Jem shares the range of reactions she receives.
    • Three biggest lessons cancer taught Jem

Links mentioned in this episode:

Jem’s reference to the video by Dr Emoto, Japanese doctor about the power of words and how water responds to them  

Jem Ayes Coaching https://jemayres.co.uk

If you missed the Trailer of this podcast, give it a listen here.


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Adrienn Lakatos

What a bliss listening to You Sandra! It is so inspiring to see that a brave, strong women Yourself is sharing their experiences and all the knowledge they have to help others… Thank You For Being That Amazing You That You Are Sandra!!!! Love, love, love from Adrienn xxx

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