6: Crafting Body Confidence



How often do you meet a 25 year old woman who's had 15 surgeries, a cured brain tumour by the age of 19? Michelle Elman not only had that but transformed her life and self body image and is thriving. My kind of Eagle!

In this episode I talk to Michelle who is now a body confidence coach, an award-winning body positive activist, mostly known for her campaign Scarred Not Scared. She’s not just another coach on the block, her active presence within the body positive community with over 190k followers across her Instagram accounts was built because she knows what it is to go from feeling ugly, as she says, because of scars across her body, to being un-shakably body confident. This girl was given a third chance to live after brain tumour operation and has a lot of insights into how to deal with trauma, how to not give a dam about what people think about her body and turn adversity into meaningful life with purpose.

We talk about:

  • The journey of becoming a confidence coach
  • The change in body positivity in the media today and project ‘Body Love’ led by Women’s Health Magazine
  • Michelle’s attitude to her ‘being ugly’
  • How she changed the idea of beauty at her school in 6th form
  • How we can contribute to changing the culture around beauty, money or anything else around us
  • Through surgeries and body adversity to created purpose
  • How being given a third chance to live shifted Michelle’s attitude to life and purpose
  • Relationship with trauma
  • Comparing illnesses and why it's not a good idea
  • Anger as an unexpressed emotion and how it’s been affecting Michelle’s life
  • How to speak and what to speak about with your loved ones laying in hospital bed


Connect with Michelle on:

Instagram & Twitter @scarednotscared / @bodypositivitymeans

Facebook & Youtube

Book “Am I Ugly” by Michelle Elman on Amazon

Ted Talk: Have you hated your body enough today












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